Launch a startup.
Become an entrepreneur.
Change your life.

Life Changing School selects the top high school students around the world for our virtual startup incubator and entrepreneurship program, providing them with the education and platform to launch sustainable, impactful startups in just three weeks.

No prior experience required. Run by Cornell University members with years of entrepreneurship experience.


Jean Turban LCS '15

Meeting so many successful people who are pursuing their dream has pushed me and motivated me to do the same.
Today, Jean is a masters student at Cornell and the founder and CEO of Titan Analytics.

Samson Zhang LCS '20

Every class, from human-centered design on day a class about identifying and chasing personal strengths, to the final classes about marketing and funding, gave another glimpse into what entrepreneurship is like and how successful entrepreneurs think.

Jake Wang LCS '18

The things I found most valuable this summer would have to be all the pitching activities and ice breakers, as it was a great way to boost my confidence. I am also grateful for meeting all of you!

Sheryl Chrone LCS '20

I entered this class with minimal knowledge on how to start a business, let alone come up with an idea or product to pursue. Jenna took us through every step of the startup process and always had such a positive attitude.

Ana Sofia LCS'18

Now I have a lot of people that can help me out with anything I need. Having all this people around me just make me realize how much I’m going to miss them.

David Schooler LCS '18

Networking opportunities were amazing and valuable to helping us expand our knowledge and meet different types of people.

Anushi Singh

The one thing that I found the most valuable was on how to start a business, I never had any experience on how to do this but I learned a lot from this program and now I know how to.

Khamin Nathabheem LCS '15

My favorite part is seeing what good team dynamics looks like. I have been a part of many other teams and the teams are not always ideal. But here it’s perfect.

Every person you meet can help you and is open to help you, which is something I really appreciate. You give something and you get something back.

July 19th - August 6th


Gain the experience you need to succeed
in college and beyond

Put yourself ahead of the competition by building world-class leadership, communication, and design skills. Work on something you're truly passionate about, and make a real impact in your communities. Learn from one-on-one mentorship with Cornell University members and top serial entrepreneurs.

Launch a startup in Just three weeks

We'll use no-code tools and teach you the ins-and-outs of entrepreneurship and startups, from customer discovery to getting funding. Create a business plan, build an MVP, and launch a real startup using the Lean startup methodology in only 3 weeks.

Access an elite network

Get lifetime access to StartupTree, the fastest-growing network for entrepreneurship students. Access mentorship, competitions, jobs, and even funding from a network of 200,000+ entrepreneurs, with alumni from Yale, Columbia, Cornell, and 100+ other institutions.

Join the next generation of impact entrepreneurs

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The virtual Life Changing School Program is run by an incredible team of Cornell University members who have 12+ years of experience with launching ventures and guiding entrepreneurs. Our experienced Cornell members will build the same strong, life changing virtual summer program for our students.

Jenna Winocur
Director of Programming
Jenna aims to reduce inequity through social innovation, particularly in education. She is the founder of Social Enterprise at Cornell which empowers students to explore careers in social or environmental impact through educational events, community building, and innovation projects. She also works as a mentor for Blackstone LaunchPad Powered by Techstars at Cornell. She holds a certificate in teaching social entrepreneurship from the International Council for Small Business. She graduated from Cornell University with a major in Social Innovation and minors in Business and Education. She enjoys meditating, dancing, and helping others reach their highest potential!

Cristiana Mihai
Director of Marketing
Cristiana is passionate about helping others succeed. She joined the LCS family in 2018 after graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics and Management. In 2020, she took on the position of Director of Marketing and helped the program seamlessly transition to virtual instruction. Cristiana has worked with startups in various industries, from travel and medical, to educational and real estate. In her free time she volunteers as an EMT and Medical Assistant at her local animal shelter.

Peter Cortle
Co-founder & Instructor
Peter is the Founder of Life Changing Labs, a summer incubator and mentorship network for Cornell entrepreneurs,. He is also the co-founder of Life Changing Summer, a program teaching social entrepreneurship to high school students across the world. He also works at Entrepreneurship at Cornell and serves on the Advisory Council. Currently, he leads StartupTree as its CEO to help fuel the growth of university entrepreneurship globally.

July 19th - August 6th



Week 1
- Foundational thinking in lean entrepreneurship
- Basics of social entrepreneurship
- Tenets of best design practice
- The Lean Model Canvas

Week 2
- How to conduct customer interviews
- How to get customer validation
- Lean startup process and the importance of failing fast
- Building a Minimum Viable Product and creating a demo

Week 3
- Marketing, Branding, and Selling
- Raising startup capital
- Building a pitch deck and pitching

You will also have access to:
- Personalized mentorship at least twice a week for each student
- A vast entrepreneurial network through StartupTree
- Extracurricular programming including elite guest speakers from diverse backgrounds, educational activities and games, social events, and more.
- Interesting and relevant materials that supplement the course
- Everything you need to know to launch your very first startup!


What are you looking for in your applicants?
The admissions team is looking for talented, highly-motivated students who are interested in attending the program because they have a passion for learning and problem-solving and wish to enrich their knowledge of programming and entrepreneurship to solve real world problems.

I am a senior. Can I still participate this summer?
Yes, you can still qualify and participate the summer between your high school and college.

When will I be notified of an admission decision?
It normally takes two to three weeks to receive a decision after all application materials have been received.

Will participating in this program help me get into Cornell University?
Like any exceptional, extracurricular activity, participation in this summer program can help you present yourself as a strong candidate in your college applications. Further, you can potentially submit a copy of the evaluation letter you receive from your instructors upon completion of the program as a supplement to your college application.

Where are classes held?
Classes and workshops are held online, you can watch the courses from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

Launch a Startup 
Become an Entrepreneur
Change your life

LCS is a virtual three-week entrepreneurship program and incubator for high school students, no prior experience required. Run by Cornell University members with years of entrepreneurship experience.